Every agency wants interns. We’re looking for a New BReed.


At Bernstein-Rein, we want those of you determined to leave your mark. We want entrepreneurs, innovators and collaborators.

  • Applications due March 1st
  • 9-weeks (June 3rd-August 2nd)
  • Paid program
  • Open only to college juniors entering their senior year
  • Touch actual client work, no “busy work”
  • Team functions as its own mini-agency
  • Develop a comprehensive pitch for new client
  • This is your chance to inspire your team, our employees and clients with your ideas.


Ask most of us, and we’ll say there’s an intangible feeling that makes BR the best place to work. Of course, a few cool perks don’t hurt either.

Summer hours

Every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day, we hit the pool, hit the golf course, or hit the hay. Because when it hits noon, we outta here.


BR is oozing with talent. You’ll be mentored by the best in the business all summer long.


We’re located in the Paris of the Plains. And more specifically, on the Country Club Plaza. Lunch options, galore.


Like free concerts, exposure to art, and getting cultured within steps of your desk? We’re pretty sure you’re gonna like it here.

Let's Talk Money

You’ll get paid for your hard work throughout the summer. Because at the end of the day it’s all about that money, honey.

A Free Caffeine-fix

Imagine a Starbucks where you’re the barista, drinks are free and you never have to say words like graaande. That’s basically what’s happening here.