Ingenuity is more
than just a job.


Ask most of us, and we’ll say there’s an intangible feeling that makes BR the best place to work. Of course, a few cool perks don’t hurt either.

Entrepreneurial culture

BR was built with an entrepreneurial mindset and everyone still embraces it. Which means if you have an idea, you’re empowered to make it a reality.

Summer hours

Every Friday in the summer, we hit the pool, hit the golf course, or go home and hit the hay. Because when it hits noon, we outta here.

Nice people

Everyone says their people are nice. But here, we mean it. We don’t allow egos through the door. Only people who are friendly. Big plus if they have donuts.

Leather couches

Here, you’ll find an array of seating arrangements composed primarily of old black leather. We don’t know who planned that. Or why. But someone did.


We’re located in the Paris of the plains. And more specifically, on the Country Club Plaza. Lunch options, galore.

Free elevator rides

Occupying the top few floors of a high-rise building, we offer unlimited excursions both up and down. Hey, it’s good thinking time.


Like free concerts, exposure to art, and getting cultured within steps of your desk? We’re pretty sure you’re gonna like it here.

FOOD. Like, everywhere

Somewhere in our office, someone is having a meeting with food catered in from somewhere and there’s gonna be leftovers. Always.

Serious Coffee Bar

Imagine a Starbucks where you’re the barista, drinks are free and you never have to say words like graaande. That’s basically what’s happening here.


Currently looking for a few fellow inventors.

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