Old Dominion

Bringing the Details to Life

Old Dominion is a remarkable company. Not because it’s the leader in LTL shipping. Because everyone from the boardroom to the loading dock is likeminded in their relentless pursuit of keeping promises to their customers. That means managing every detail between Point A and Point B. Our job was to bring these details to life.

It’s not about what OD does, it’s about how they do it.

The sides of the pups, or trailers for you trucking noobs, were the perfect canvas to bring OD’s story to life. We partnered with The Mill to create an illusion of projection mapping on the rig, parking lot and background.

Print Ads
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In print, we continued the idea of the pups as canvasses by turning them into life-size shadowboxes. Each ad focuses on a different facet of OD’s shipping services and hammers home the brand’s major point of difference: on time arrivals without damages.