Once upon a time …

our agency was founded. Then it grew into one of the largest independent shops in the country, serving a diverse client base in the retail, CPG, finance, insurance and QSR industries. True story.

After a 50-year relationship with the world's largest restaurant franchise, we refuse to get comfortable, constantly exploring new ways to generate buzz and drive foot traffic.

One time, our founder Bob Bernstein had an idea to create a packaged meal for kids. He called it the Happy Meal. You may be familiar.

We put a regional furniture chain on the national stage. With valuable consumer insights and breakthrough creative, we helped increase sales nearly 8% in just a year.


In Hostess’ home market, we built a massive, 48-foot-long, 2,000-pound twinkie.

Passing commuters took notice and after tens of thousands of photo shares, so did the rest of the country.

We changed the perception of Commerce Bank from a 150-year-old midwestern financial company to a more contemporary, relevant and approachable bank.


We’re always looking to support local startups. With Happy Food Co, we took their meal delivery model and gave it an identity and voice to build from, then helped them promote their convenient (and delicious) offering to offices across Kansas City.

For PetSmart, we’re always looking for new ways to increase the value of the brand and expand the customer base. Our campaign to launch Martha Stewart Pets boosted net comp store sales 5.6%.

The world of insurance, annuities and employee benefits can sound complicated and intimidating. So we bring in the Peanuts Gang to simplify the message and make MetLife a more approachable and memorable brand.

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Rebranding is what we do. For Black & Veatch, it meant creating a new global site and multichannel campaign that increased web traffic by more than 7.3% in less than a year.


We’ve connected with one of America’s most iconic gyms to help take their 50-year legacy into today’s digital world. From strategy to execution we’ve helped them build a strong digital foundation as well as help them brand and launch their latest fitness innovations.